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Voices from the Field: The Role of Civil Society in Mediation

dc.contributor.authorAfrican Union
dc.contributor.authorCrisis Management Initiative (CMI)
dc.description.abstractThe rise of civil society and the spotlight now shimmering over all of us, rulers and ruled governments, and people, basically private sector public sector etc. Really, helping a lot to improve these position of governance in Africa. Civil society, I think is catching up in Africa and I think it's very much important. The democracies are weak still and civil society can bring very much contribution to to balancing power. And to have the leaders be more accountable.en
dc.format.extent6m 13secen
dc.publisherAfrican Unionen
dc.relation.ispartofseriesThe African Union Mediation Support Capacity Project;
dc.relation.ispartofseriesMediating in Africa: Interviews with Experts
dc.subjectCivil Society -- Mediationen
dc.titleVoices from the Field: The Role of Civil Society in Mediationen

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